"Developing Love" premieres at TLVFest

As an Israeli-American straddling both worlds, I am constantly exploring, comparing and contrasting the two cultures that make up part of my identity.  As a business school student in the US, for example, I learned in class about entrepreneurship and strategic innovation.  Though the venture capital world in the US is far more developed than in Israel, the start-up culture of Israel is undeniable.  It’s palpable.  Thanks to a micro-grant, I was able to study abroad at Tel Aviv University for a semester to better understand how this tiny country has been able to foster innovation as well as some of the challenges it faces as it transitions from the high-paced growth of a start-up to the more sustainable development as a first world country.

In addition to studying business, the micro-grant allowed me to finish a film project I started two years ago: a short, fiction love story set.  Disturbed by the violent portrayals of lesbians in Israeli media, I wanted to produce a movie that reflected part of my own experience, one filled with love and hope.  Set between the old city of Yaffo and the young Tel Aviv, “Developing Love” follows Avigail who loses her new love interest and must use her film photographs as clues to find her again. 

I am excited to announce that the film has been accepted and will premiere at the TLVFest International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  The screening will be part of several Israeli shorts at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque 1, June 11, 2013 at 18:00.   

I am sincerely grateful and humbled by the support of the ROI Community and for the many opportunities it has given its members to explore and expose diverse voices that make up our colorful community.  See you at the screening!