MADaboutART Youth Empowerment Project

In 2006, Maital spent ten months at MADaboutART, an arts-based HIV education center in Nekkies, a township at the bottom tip of South Africa. A group of high school students refuse to become statistics and use art to educate and support those affected by HIV. Their paintings have inspired thousands around the world and have been displayed in London, Toronto and Cape Town.

Thanks to the generous support of the ROI community foundation, Maital returned to South Africa to teach the young people multimedia skills, including filmmaking and online distribution platforms. Using flip mino cameras (easy and inexpensive HD cameras), the young people produced a short video in honor of Nelson Mandela's birthday, revealing the dreams of young people in the township.  Watch the video:





Directed by the Eagles Team
Produced by MADaboutART, 2006.
has more than 5,000 views on youtube.